What Our Clients Say

According to Kelly: Kelly Curry, of K Bar C Ranch, in Wilmore, Ky., uses Rock Equine to keep her stallion Cats Hillbilly Buck — “Brick” — in top breeding shape. We also work with horses in development for this accomplished pro barrel racer. Thanks, Kelly!

Valkyre Stud’s Catherine Parke tells us what working with Rock Equine means to her farm’s success: “Dr. Amy Rock has been the equine chiropractor at Valkyre Stud for over 10 years. She works on my competition Quarter horses and thoroughbreds. Amy is a very gifted, talented professional. She is never in a hurry and will work on an animal until a positive result is achieved. Dr. Rock is an invaluable asset to my farm.”

“We raise and train American Saddlebred show horses and compete with a large client base on a tough national circuit.  The specialized chiropractic care that Dr. Amy Rock provides our stable is an integral part of our show string’s success and allows each horse to reach his maximum potential.
“We see immediate results in the overall performance & comfort of each horse that Dr. Rock works on and adjusts. We feel she is a necessary component to the care & well-being of our horses at Taylor Creek Stables. We can’t recommend her enough!”

Sena Bowling, Taylor Creek Stables, Davison, Michigan

“Dr. Amy Rock is key to our regimen at the World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville.  After {our horses} travel 13 hours from Massachusetts to Kentucky, Dr. Rock gets each animal back in top form. She then prepares each horse or pony to show at a world-caliber level. You can’t control everything once you get to the World’s Championship, but Dr. Rock ensures we have our stock in the best possible physical state.”
Rodney Hicks, Rodney Hicks Stable, Pittsfield, Mass.

“As an orthopedic spine surgeon, I make sure my patients have the best possible resources available for their healthcare. As a dog owner, I want those same quality resources, and Dr. Amy Rock provides that. She is instrumental in helping my dogs maintain optimal health. Regardless of whether it is an acute injury or long-term maintenance, Dr. Rock is my go-to person!”
Gordon Holen, D.O., Raleigh Orthopeadics and Spine Care
Member of Smoky Mountain Dock Dogs

“Amy is always great to work with. She does a phenomenal job. And results are impressive.”

— Robert Schrock, trainer, Shady Lawn Stables, Humboldt, Ill.
Dutch Harness Horses and Standardbreds

“Dr. Amy Rock has worked on my show horses for years and does an excellent job at keeping them in great health for our competitions. In 2021, she worked on our Standardbred mare prior to each class, and she was a World and National Champion. Amy also worked on two National Dutch Fine Harness champions for our owners in 2021 & 2020. Both horses had nearly undefeated seasons. She has kept our World’s Champion Hackney in top shape and also numerous Saddlebreds. Dr. Rock is extremely punctual, honest, and literally finds the horse’s pain and fixes it!  Amy pays close attention to detail and I highly recommend her. I have used numerous chiropractors prior to Dr. Rock, and she supersedes any of them and is now our routine doctor.
— Danette Musselman, Queenwood Stables LLC, Morton, Ill.